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1800 Calorie Diet Plan

A 1,800 calorie diet will give you abundance of energy that’ll help you to easily make through a busy day, and still allow adequate amount of calorie deficit to assist you in losing weight. Despite how much you weigh currently or your goal weight, the active adult is capable of losing weight or effectively maintaining his/her current weight when on a diet of 1,800 calories.

However, there’s a single exception to the rule of the 1,800 calorie diet. A shorter individual who leads a comparatively inactive life will require to constantly consume lesser than a 1,800 calories every day so he/she can lose weight and also maintain the weight.

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A 1,800 Calories Day

In order to make your 1,800 calorie diet help you best with losing weight, you must eat three well-balanced servings of food every day. Each meal doesn’t have to include meat, just make sure you include other protein sources so as to obtain enough for each day. The 1,800 calorie diet indicates that every meal that you take ought to be simply 500 calories/meal—and that will give you enough room for at least 300 calories extra in snacks.

You might call for this diet in order to shed weight, manage blood sugar levels, or lessen the risks of a heart problem. The 1800 calorie diet’s low in fat and calories.


Request your care provider for a diabetic swap diet Care Note so you can learn more on the subject of specific serving sizes. The care provider will enlighten you on when to consume snacks and meals to control diabetes. Discuss with your care provider in case your levels of blood sugar are too stumpy or too lofty

The 1,800-Calorie Diet Plan: Daily

Guide Pyramid for Food

  • Sweets, Alcohol Beverages and Fats

You can have up to two (2) servings

One (1) serving contains 45 calories

Illustration: one (1) serving = One (1) thin bacon slice OR One (1) tsp. of butter

If you take two (2) servings, you consume 90 calories.

  • Poultry, Fish and Meat

You can have seven (7) ounces

A single 3 ounce meat serving contains 225 calories

One egg contains 75 calories

Illustration: one (1) serving = 3 ounce of lean broiled meat OR one egg

If you consume 2 servings of 3 ounce meat plus one egg, then you are consuming 525 calories.

  • Yogurt, Cheese and Milk

One serving contains 90 calories

Illustration: one (1) serving= cup of skimmed milk (8 ounce)

If you consume two (2) servings, you’ll consume 180 calories.

  • Fruits

You can have six (6) servings

One (1) serving contains 60 calories

Illustration: one (1) serving= one medium sized apple

If you consume six (6) servings, you’ll consume 360 calories.

  • Vegetables

You can have six (6) servings

One (1) serving holds 25 calories

Illustration: one (1) cup of raw broccoli OR half (1/2) a cup of broccoli-cooked

If you consume six (6) servings, you’ll consume 150 calories.

  • Cereals, Pasta, Breads and Rice

You can consume six (6) servings

One (1) serving holds 80 calories

Illustration: one (1) serving= one (1) slice bread

If you consume six (6) servings, you’ll consume 480 calories.

A Daily Plan:

Every food group holds about these many calories

Bread (Six) 480
Fruit (Six) 360
Vegetables (Six) 150
Skimmed Milk (Two) 180
Meat (Two To Three) 525
Fat (Two) 90
Total 1,785

Just to make it simpler for you, we have chalked down a sample menu here. You can refer to this when you sit down to draft your diet plan or chart. Enjoy the experience!



Orange juice- one (1) cup Two (2) fruits 120
One (1) egg- scrambled One (1) meat 75
Thin slice of bacon- one (1) One (1) fat 45
Bread (whole wheat)- one (1) slice One (1) bread 80
8 ounce skimmed milk- one(1) cup One (1) milk 90

TOTAL = 410 calories


Sandwich- bread (whole wheat) 2 slices Two (2) breads 160
Tuna -two (2) ounces Two oz. meat 150
Mayonnaise- one tsp One (1) fat 45
Mustard- one tsp Free free
Raw tomato-two (2) One (1) vegan free
Lettuce leaves One (1) vegan free
Carrot sticks- one(1) cup One (1) vegan 25
Apple –medium one (1) One (1) fruit 60
Iced tea with sugar and lemon   free

TOTAL = 440 calories

Chicken breast-broiled 4 oz. of meat 300
Half a cup of rice One (!) bread 80
Green beans-cooked- 1 cup Two (2) vegan 50
Broccoli-cooked- I cup One (1) vegan 50
Butter- one (1) tsp. or the same of margarine One (1) bread 80
Peaches- one(1) cup One (1) fat 45
Skimmed milk- 8 oz. (1cup) One (1) fruit 60
  One (1) milk 90

TOTAL = 755 calories

Three graham crackers One(1) bread 80
Banana- one small Two (2) fruits 120

TOTAL = 200 calories



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