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Blood type reveals your personality’s hidden mysteries

Blood remains a mystery, although many things were discovered about it. Nobody in the world has yet to obtain artificial blood, although the cells that compose it and some functions of these cells are known to everyone. The parents’ entire genetic fingerprint is found in blood, a single drop of …

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What Are The Benefits of Breastfeeding?

New mothers will often be advised that breastfeeding will give their new born baby the best start in life, but sometimes they will not be given any more information than this.  Whether or not you want to breastfeed your baby is a very personal decision that should only be made …

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What Should You Know About The Lyme Disease Test?

Lyme disease test is a blood test which is conducted by pathologists to detect the bacterial called Borrelia Burgdorferi. This bacterium is carried by black legged ticks that pickup the bacteria when they bite a deer or mice that are infected with Lyme disease. When an infested tick bites you, …

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Can I Drink Alcohol While Breastfeeding?

If you have recently given birth and have decided to breastfeed your baby, then you probably have a number of questions and concerns.  You may want to ask your midwife or health visitor, but perhaps you are concerned that they might disapprove, particularly if you are asking about drinking alcohol …

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