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Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

What can’t I eat during pregnancy? If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, then you will probably have received a lot of well-meaning, but sometimes conflicting, advice from your family and friends.  This may include advice on the foods you can and can’t eat during your pregnancy.  There …

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Finding the Right Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can deliver much more than a newborn child, but a wave of biological changes that most women never thought possible. While the majority of these pregnancy symptoms are in fact, naturally due to the pregnancy – many others are caused by improper or insufficient prenatal care. Improper prenatal care …

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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period

I can’t be pregnant, can I? Can you get pregnant on your period?  This is something that many women have asked, especially if they have become pregnant unexpectedly.  Sometimes, the question is also posed by women who are trying to avoid falling pregnant, and are wondering whether it is safe …

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What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, there are overwhelming emotions. Of course, once the news is shared, other people have the opportunity to experience the same joy. Knowing that a new life is being formed is exciting but during the nine months of pregnancy, a woman is going to …

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Postpartum Depression (Depression after pregnancy)

“Baby blues and postpartum depression” After having a baby when new parents are just getting used to the new schedule and their child, comes the possibility of the mother’s depression.  It is normal for new mothers to have it to some extent. It is sometimes labeled “baby blues.”  However, it …

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Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

Do you know what the largest single nerve in the human body is?  Well, it’s called the sciatic nerve.  It runs from the lower spine through the back of the thigh, all the way down to the foot.  It connects the spinal cord with the foot and leg muscles.  Sciatic …

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Tips on How to Get Pregnant With a Girl?

So you want to know how you can get pregnant with a girl. My first tip? Don’t even attempt to conceive until you are absolutely positive you’re okay with having a boy because there is absolutely no way to guarantee the baby you have will be a girl. It just …

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Pregnancy and Constipation

Most people in the world know the meaning of constipation.  It’s irregular bowel movements due to sluggish intestines.  Bowel movements happen less frequently and become more difficult.  Nobody likes to talk about it but everyone has to deal with it sometime during his or her life. How Do I Know …

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Spotting During Pregnancy

INTRODUCTION TO SPOTTING DURING PREGNANCY Spotting during pregnancy can be very scary.  First instinct tells you that you might be having a miscarriage.  However, do not panic, it has been stated that about 25% of women experience some degree of spotting during the first three months of pregnancy.  Usually it …

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