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Weight Loss

1800 Calorie Diet Plan

A 1,800 calorie diet will give you abundance of energy that’ll help you to easily make through a busy day, and still allow adequate amount of calorie deficit to assist you in losing weight. Despite how much you weigh currently or your goal weight, the active adult is capable of …

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How Many Calories Does Walking Burn?

When we start to walk in order to lose weight we do not look into a lot of things. The calories burnt by walking do not depend on the act of walking itself but the way you walk, the time you walk and where you walk. For example, it is …

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The 1200 Calories Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

The 1200-calories diet plan’s an excellent way to proficiently shed weight. The outcome can typically be observed after dieting for a couple of weeks. It’s essential to be imaginative with planning meals and eating food that’s rich with nutrients so that you don’t tend to feel famished by the time …

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How Many Calories to Lose a Pound ?

In simply theoretical terms, you need to lose 3500 calories in order to lose a pound. That means, after you have eaten 3500 calories lesser over a period of time, you will burn just 1 pound. However, what happens in the real world isn’t exactly the same. The simple fact …

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What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

We discussed about How Many Calories Does Walking Burn? (Calories Burned Walking)  few days ago. These days most of us are on the look out for a sure-shot way that burns the most calories. This has become a common topic ruling the cover stories of many popular health journals. If …

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