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Choosing Natural Menopause Treatment

Although menopause can be a very challenging phase of a woman’s life, it is important to know that along with more conventional solutions are natural remedies. In fact, a woman can choose a natural Menopause Treatmentmenopause treatment to get relief from physical symptoms, as well as mental and emotional symptoms. Because there are so many options, women do not have to suffer through the change of life or depend on standard medicine.

There are many key benefits that go hand-in-hand with alternative medicine. For instance, harmful chemicals and products that trigger unwanted side effects are not being introduced into the body but along with this, most natural treatments are considered safe and effective. Of course, for serious symptoms, especially severe depression, there would be times when a woman should consider seeking care from a traditional medical doctor.


With menopause, the level of estrogen produced in the body begins to decrease. When this happens, chemicals within the brain also change. As a result, women will begin to experience mood swings, periods of irritation and agitation, and even depression. To boost estrogen, a natural menopause treatment would involve eating foods that contain phytoestrogens. These are broken down into two categories, which come from different food sources.

  • Isoflavones – Found in legumes such as chickpeas and soybeans
  • Lignans – Found in certain fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and flaxseed

In addition to focusing on specific foods, phytoestrogens are available in supplement form. Remember, along with stabilizing mood, phytoestrogens help with a variety of menopausal symptoms to include hot flashes.

Vitamin E

Many women are surprised to learn that vitamin E works great to relieve symptoms of menopause but it does. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the effects of many symptoms associated with this phase of life and in fact, just 400 IU a day is especially beneficial for hot flashes and night sweats. Vitamin E also promotes healthy hair and skin. Because many women experience thinning hair and acne breakouts during menopause, this is a nice bonus.

Black Cohosh

There are several natural supplements that help women deal with menopause but one of the most effective is called Black Cohosh. This perennial plant is native to North America and actually part of the Buttercup family. Over the years, multiple studies have been performed to determine the effects on menopausal symptoms with the results being extremely favorable. In addition to easing symptoms such as hot flashes and other issues associated with menopause, Black Cohosh has been deemed completely safe.


There are many good things to say about using meditation in one form or another as a natural menopause treatment. By learning to relax and using controlled breathing, many women see huge improvements. Some of the favorite types of meditation include yoga, prayer, visualization, music therapy, and aromatherapy. Although a woman might need to try several different forms of meditation before finding the one that works best, the good news is that there is a long list of possibilities.


This is a root that originates from Peru, specifically in the Andes region. For literally thousands of years, people from this part of the world have depended on Maca as a means of fertility, enhanced libido, and improved energy but clinical trials and in-depth research has revealed this to also be beneficial for women going through the change. In fact, Maca has become popular because it is capable of easing numerous symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, poor sleep, tender breasts, anxiety, and more.

Ancient Medicine

We also wanted to point out that several ancient therapies have been proven to help with symptoms of menopause. While one of these would be meditation, there is also acupuncture, massage, and Ayurveda. Regardless of the direction taken, it would be imperative to seek help from someone with the right qualifications. As an example, if using massage, the therapist should be licensed but also trained in treatments designed specifically for menopause.

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