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How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week and Maintain the Pace?

Are you not fitting in to your favorite jeans any more? May be you don’t look ‘wow’ in your swimming suit any more. Well then, you have put on weight which you need to shed to get back to those glory days. Weight gain or obesity is a chronic problem these days. Our wrong lifestyle and food habits are responsible for it.

Why do you need to lose weight?maintain-weight

When too much of fat accumulates in our body, we become obese or overweight and our figure is thrown out of shape. Reshaping the figure by shedding weight is not alone a cosmetic concern; it will have far reaching positive impact on your health as well. Overweight people are at an increased risk of diabetes, high BP, heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders. On the other hand people who are slim and trim are less susceptible to the above problems. Moreover slim people look good; they are more energetic than the overweight ones.

How to lose 2 pounds a week: 13 Quick weight loss tips

May be a special event, a party or a date is fast approaching and you don’t just want to feel low or look bad because of those extra pounds you have put on. To lose those pounds in a week time you need to follow a routine which is nothing dissimilar to a rigorous penance. But if you have the adequate will power it won’t be as challenging as it may seem. By following the rapid weight loss techniques, you may succeed in losing weight within the desired time span. But more important is to learn the ways to keep it off for ever. In this article you will learn how to lose 2 pounds in a week and how to maintain the weight loss.

Here are some ways by which you can lose 2 pounds a week:

  1. Chalk out a weight loss plan –

For doing so you need to employ mathematics. In other words you need to comprehend the weight loss equation prior to taking the plunge. You must know that one pound is equivalent to 3, 500 calories. Therefore for losing 2 pounds in a week, you need to curb your calorie intake and create a deficit of 7000 calories. For that you need to create a deficiency of 1000 calories a day for 7 days at a stretch and that will make you lose 2 pounds in a week. Again the deficit of 1000 calories per day may be divided in to two 500’s. Subtract 500 calories from your daily diet and burn down the remaining 500 through exercise. This will help you generate a deficiency of 1000 calories a day.

  1. You need to exercise regularly –

Some people think that exercising intensively for 2-3 hours once in a blue moon can help them lose weight sufficiently. But that’s not true. Instead if you exercise regularly for even 30 minutes, you can get better results. Know which exercises would burn more calories, download a home exercise plan from the internet and start following it. In other words, if you don’t have a gym membership it doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. Only you need to have a mind to do so. Find out ways to keep yourself on the move. Being active plays a key role in assisting rapid weight loss endeavors. So go for long walks, chase kids, wipe floors or run up and down your staircase.

  1. Limit your calorie intake –

Go through food journals to know which the high calorie foods are and which the low ones are. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in diet because these are usually low in calories. Stop eating junk foods and switch on to a healthy food habit. If you are a meat lover, remember to eliminate the fat from the meat prior to cooking it. The point is that you need not starve yourself for losing calories. But you need to keep a close eye on where the calories are coming from.

  1. Try to build lean muscle –

The muscle building procedure burns fat unbelievably. It will also tone your body, reframe it and give you a better appearance after you have lost weight.

  1. Drink plenty of water –

Water intake expedites calorie burn and also lessens your appetite. If you drink more and more water, your belly will be full and you won’t feel the urge to eat. So this is one of the clever dieting tips. Also if you keep your system hydrated, you will not suffer from energy deficiency during those regular work-outs.

  1. Do not consume large-sized meals –

Space out your calories and break down meals in to a number of small meals and snacks. It is wise to consume 4-6 small meals a day instead of a big one. This will prevent fat accumulation by allowing your body to use calories in a better way.

  1. Add spice to your life –

Recent studies declare that hot spicy food speeds up the rate of metabolism. So include lots of chilies, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, oregano, pepper, paprika, garlic powder in your diet

  1. Drink plenty of green tea –

According to recent findings the polyphenols in green tea greatly boosts up the rate of metabolism or fat combustion. So drink at least 3-4 cups of green tea a day.

  1. Do not skip breakfast –

Some people think that skipping breakfast is the best way to cut down on calories. But the reality is that if you skip breakfast, you will be hungry through out the day and that may tempt you towards consuming a non-planned snack or a huge lunch portion. So make it a point to consume a high protein and high fiber breakfast daily.

  1. Be cautious regarding what you drink –

Stay away from sugared drinks, drinks with artificial sweeteners and alcohol. Such drinks increase food cravings and give a bump in your daily calorie intake. So it is best to limit your drinks to nothing other than herbal teas sweetened with honey.

  1. Try to get rid of stress –

Stress is the leading cause of binge eating and even a single binge eating session can turn all your weight shedding efforts in vain. Stress also impacts your metabolic process negatively. Therefore try to minimize stress in life and keep up a positive outlook towards everything.

  1. Get enough sleep –

Optimum sleep can act as a great appetite suppressant. Recent research has proved that when a person does not sleep adequately his or her fatigued body craves for more carbohydrates to compensate the energy it lacks. This causes him or her to eat more and grow fatter. Therefore sleep soundly for at least 7-8 hours.

  1. Weight yourself –

Follow a definitely pattern of weighing yourself. Be on the scales every alternate day to keep track of how much you have progressed in your weight loss venture.

So, now that you know how to lose 2 pounds a week, we move on to the next question – How to maintain the weight? Losing weight requires dedication, but maintaining it is a whole other ball game!

How to maintain weight loss?lose-2-pounds-a-week

‘How to maintain weight loss?’ is a million dollar question for many. You would obviously not want to put the weight back on, after you went through so much trouble to learn how to lose 2 pounds a week in the first place. Losing weight is difficult but maintaining the weight loss is yet more difficult. You have to exercise great willpower to follow zealously the various ‘Do’s’ & ‘Don’ts’ associated with the weight loss venture. Here are some ways by which you can forever keep off those extra pounds:

  • Get in to the mindset that will help you to adhere to a healthy fatless diet even when your weight loss diet plan has ended. After you have lost weight through the diet plan, do not think that now you are free to eat any and everything. Also don’t switch over to normal diet suddenly. Your weight loss diet should gradually merge with the normal diet you are supposed to take after the completion of the plan.
  • Try new clothes, short ones and feel good about it. Imagine how unlucky those who don’t fit in to those short skin tight clothes are. That will inspire you to keep up your efforts to lose weight.
  • Don’t forget your exercise. Remember that exercise has played a vital role in helping you lose weight. So don’t neglect it.
  • Be active. Renovate your lifestyle thoroughly. Switch over from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one
  • Weigh yourself daily. This is an effective way of keeping off fat because it will caution you in case you gain some weight and you can take immediate steps regarding that.
  • Empty your cupboards of problem foods. This is because the best way to resist temptation is to keep the object that tempts you, away from your sight.
  • Place a snap of yourself when you were fat and another one when you have trimmed down side by side. Place the photos in such a way that you can view them daily. This will give you the necessary motivation to keep off weight.
  • Find a group or community of people who have succeeded in maintaining weight loss. Listen to their stories, learn from their experiences, follow their guidelines and draw inspiration from them.

So these are some ways to lose 2 pounds a week and make sure you keep losing weight at that rate, until you reach your goal weight.

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