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Naturally Minimizing Pain While You’re Pregnant

Every pregnant woman experiences pain and discomfort from time to time. Whether you’re on your feet all day long or you’re trying to take it easy during your last trimester, the pain can be worse if it’s exasperated by an underlying condition. There are many medications used to treat pain, but most aren’t acceptable to take while you’re pregnant. Incorporating more natural ways to remedy pain is one of the safest ways to avoid any complications. Here are a few natural ways to minimize pain while pregnant.

Foot and Leg Care

If you’re still working, it means you’re on your feet a lot. During pregnancy, you may be experiencing some extra water weight gain, this can trigger pain that can radiate down your legs and into your feet. One solution may be to wear specialized soles in your shoes that can help support your heel and reduce the onset of pain. The Good Feet Store foot arch supports may be able to help you with foot pain control. While pregnant, your nerves may be more sensitive as well, making bouts of pain inevitable. If you’re experiencing significant pain you should discuss this problem with your doctor because he will be able to recommend the right orthotics along with additional methods of more natural therapy. This may include a consultation with a massage therapist. Massage therapy can help with loosening up tight, tired overstressed muscles. This, in turn, may be able to help ease the stress and pain on your feet and make the rest of your pregnancy more manageable with pain flare-ups.


A symptom that many pregnant women experience is heartburn and indigestion. For many ladies, it is simply a nuisance and can be avoided by staying away from spicy foods or drinks that can be triggers for heartburn and an upset stomach. A natural way to avoid heartburn may be to change your diet while you’re pregnant. This means avoiding overly greasy foods and switching to a low-fat diet with more fiber and that’s more vegetable-based. Chewable antacids in moderation may be ok to take, but you’ll need to talk to your doctor first. If the pain and discomfort from indigestion persist, your doctor may recommend further testing to make sure there is no underlying medical problem.

Back Pain

With added weight changes and more tension on your mid-section, it’s no wonder many pregnant women experience back pain and tension. Your first reaction would be to reach for an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory like acetaminophen. While this may be safe for you to take in moderation while pregnant, always ask your OB/GYN first.  There are other more natural ways to alleviate back pain. This starts with a solid exercise program that involves more stretching than hardcore aerobics. A good place to start is at your local hospital or health care clinic. Sign up for a pre-natal exercise course that focuses on physical fitness for pregnant women. Not only will you learn new fitness techniques but they may also offer nutritional tips on staying fit while being pregnant. Keep in mind that gaining extra weight or more than your expected weight can become a root cause of added back pain and discomfort. Other underlying conditions such as sciatic nerve pain can also be exasperated during pregnancy and cause pain to radiate from the lower back to the leg area. For severe cases of sciatic nerve pain, your doctor may recommend physical therapy.

Skin Changes

Because of the fluctuation of hormone levels, one thing that you may see a huge change in is your skin. You may be more prone to acne and breakouts because of the increase of androgens in your bloodstream. As your pregnancy progresses, this may slow down a bit. Another concern is, as your baby grows, your skin will expand. Stretch marks and dry, flaky skin can be prone to breakage are usually the result of this expansion. The result can be painful and uncomfortable. Making sure to keep your entire body moisturized, especially your belly and legs, can help keep your skin hydrated and reduce your chances of any permanent scarring. In addition, keeping yourself hydrated with water can also improve elasticity in your skin, therefore reducing skin pain, discomfort, and overall breakdown.

Pain during pregnancy is no joke. You want the entire experience to go smoothly and you expect to enjoy this time preparing for your new bundle of joy. Incorporating healthy techniques and talking to your doctor about any uncertainties or concerns is the best way to gain control of your health and to combat pain while you’re pregnant.

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