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Sex after Childbirth: What to Expect after Expecting

While many doctors will tell you that the ideal time what after you deliver your child is 6-8 weeks before having sex again – this is one of the most common myths about sex after childbirth. Many women, first time mother’s especially, develop a healthy fear during their pregnancy about what their sex lives will become after they deliver. Will it feel different? Will it be better … or worse? However simple as these questions may be, they are quite commonly thought about and rarely asked aloud. Most women remain too shy to even ask their doctors about what to expect from their sex life after childbirth. So, how do you get the answers to important questions that can ease your mind? Look no further – we’re here to unmask the most common myths about sex after childbirth and tell you exactly how other women have maintained a steady, successful routine!

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Most Common Myths about Sex after Childbirth

There are tons of common myths that women believe about what they can expect from their sex life after pregnancy and childbirth. Despite several efforts and studies, many women have still believed some of these myths for centuries now. Here are some of the most common myths that women believe and the facts that proved them wrong!

  1. The 6-Week Wait – This common myth can actually only be determined a myth on an individual case by case basis. While many women do not wait the recommended six week period between giving birth and engaging in sexual intercourse for the first time without any consequences – other women do experience discomfort, tearing and slight bleeding. The six week concept was determined because it is the period of time that the uterus is said to need in order to return to its normal size and weight. It is also the time that the postnatal appointment with your doctor is scheduled. It is usually during this visit that the woman is examined and reassured that she can resume her normal sex life.
  2. Your Vagina Will Never Be The Same – As amusing as the gesture may be, this is in fact a huge myth. Your vagina is a muscle and like any muscle that tears from an intense workout – it returns to normal, not to mention stronger, over time. Of course it will take longer than the 6 week period to develop its usual tightness and form, many women practice daily pelvic exercises and kegels to speed up the process!
  3. Detached from Reality – Many women report that during their pregnancy, they begin to develop the feeling that their partner is no longer attracted to them and that they are less attractive to themselves, not to mention to rest of the world. While this is normal and can commonly happen, it is a myth that it is guaranteed to happen, especially regarding your sex life. Since many couples prefer to refrain from sex during the pregnancy term, by the time you deliver and allow the grace period for recovery to pass – it is nearly one year since you were intimate with your spouse – tune yourself into the moment and let go of your emotions and watch the flames light up the room!
  4. No More Orgasms! – Wrong again! While it is common for women to lose the ability to orgasm for a period after childbirth, this is solely due to her pelvic muscles being weakened from the birth. As time passes, the muscles will strengthen and returned to a normal tone and definition, hence the return of their ability to orgasm! It is quite common for women to feel depressed or ashamed of the changes their body is adjusting to after they deliver their child, however, as they body returns to normal function, these emotions will cease as well.

Scheduling is Everything

You’ll soon notice that it will take some time to adjust to your new life with a child or with an additional child in many cases for both you and your spouse. Many first-time parents become overwhelmed with their newfound responsibilities and unpredictable schedules that they neglect their intimacy needs. The best way to ensure this is not the case for you is to openly communicate your needs, consider each other’s schedules and utilize the intimate moments to be just that – intimate and alone!

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