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Spotting During Pregnancy


Spotting during pregnancy can be very scary.  First instinct tells you that you might be having a miscarriage.  However, do not panic, it has been stated that about 25% of women experience some degree of spotting during the first three months of pregnancy.  Usually it is nothing to worry about, but it can be a sign of an actual problem.  It is recommended that you do call the doctor, your midwife, or the emergency room right away when you first notice it.  They will ask you questions that may include if you have any pain along with the spotting.  They will determine if you do need to go see them or if you just need to watch it.


There can be many causes of spotting.  Depending on the length of your pregnancy and how bad spotting is.  It could simply be from implantation, infection or after sex.  It could also be from a more serious cause such as a miscarriage.  Most of the cause is determined by how long you have been spotting, how much you are spotting, and if there are other symptoms included.

Spotting During Pregnancy


  • Pain in the lower belly – This may be a sign that you are having a miscarriage.  You should get to the doctor or emergency room right away.
  • Ectopic pregnancy – This may also cause pain, usually more in one side or the other.  This is when the egg gets fertilized while still in the fallopian tube.  This can also be dangerous so again, if there is pain call the doctor or go to emergency room right away.
  • Infection – Many kinds of infections can cause bleeding while you are pregnant.  Vaginal, yeast, or a sexually transmitted infection.  The doctor will be able to test for them and treat it.
  • Placenta – If your placenta starts to come away from the uterus it will cause spotting or bleeding.  This can cause problems later in your pregnancy so talk to the doctor.
  • Early labor – Starting labor early may cause you to have spotting as your cervix begins to open for baby to come out.  If you are too early and the baby is not developed, the doctor may decide to stop the labor to give the baby more time to develop.
  • Vanishing twin syndrome – This is when the mother is pregnant with twins or a multiple pregnancy and one of the twins dies.  Usually the baby is absorbed by the mothers’ body, however it can cause bleeding and pain.


  • Autoimmune disorders – These types of diseases, lupus, Graves disease, AIDS, etc., are affected by pregnancy in different ways depending on the person, how bad the disease is progressed, etc.  However they can be the cause of bleeding and pain, your doctor will be able to check for them and give you more information.  You may also be required to see your doctor more often so they can watch you better.
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding – This happens because some women’s hormones are off balance.  When the normal levels of estrogen do not drop after the egg leaves the ovaries.



Spotting while pregnant is considered normal after sex and during the first three months.  At the beginning of your pregnancy when the baby is attaching to your uterus or burrowing in you may have some bleeding.  It is also common for some women to continue their periods during pregnancy, sometimes up to the 4th or 5th month.  This is not normal for everyone though so your doctor should be told about it no matter what the cause is.


At any time that you are spotting or bleeding and you know that you are pregnant, you should call the doctor.  If there is any type of pain, slight and consistent or strong sharp pains, you should call a doctor or go to the emergency room.  If it is later in your pregnancy, after your 5th month, and pain is involved, get to either the doctor’s office of the emergency room.  If you are having contractions that are consistent or getting closer, call the doctor.  As the mother, if you “feel” that something is not right, call the doctor, it is better to be safe.


Once you and your doctor have determined that your spotting is not due to any complication, the best and safest thing that you can do is to rest.  Lie down with slightly elevated feet.  If it is due to sex, you may be required to drink more fluids, water is the best.


Depending on the cause, your doctor will give you instructions on how to treat it.  It may simply be resting and drinking more fluids.  If you are later in your pregnancy, you may be confined to bed rest or even hospitalized if it is found to be due to premature labor.  The doctor may also give you a medication to stop the labor.  The treatment and management will completely depend on the cause.  Your doctor will determine the best way to treat it.


The best tips to prevent are to get prenatal care as instructed by your doctor or midwife.  Making sure to follow all their instructions on vitamins and nutrient supplements will help so they can stop a potential problem when it starts.  Also, if it is due to sexual intercourse, drinking fluids and possibly using a lubrication to help with the drying of the cervix during pregnancy.

Spotting while pregnant may be the normal for you or it may be a sign of a major problem.  Either way the best advice is to call your doctor or midwife.  Explain how much and how long you have been bleeding and if you have pain.  If it is at a time when you cannot speak to your doctor, call the emergency room and follow their instructions.  If you have any kind of pain associated with your bleeding or if it is happening during the latter part of your pregnancy and your doctor is not available, goes to the hospital right away.

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  2. Sorry transvagina scan

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