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Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

What can’t I eat during pregnancy? If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, then you will probably have received a lot of well-meaning, but sometimes conflicting, advice from your family and friends.  This may include advice on the foods you can and can’t eat during your pregnancy.  There …

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Effective Exercise Routines for Women

Let’s face it, while we would all love to say that we can utilize the same exercise routines, as a woman, than a man can – more often than not, we would never keep up. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing since most of the exercises that men …

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Top Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Experiencing too many dull moments in your sex life? One of the most common complaints among women, especially those in a long-term relationship or marriage, is that after a while, it seems like the same old routine. While you wouldn’t quite say it’s bad sex, you could openly say that …

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When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant

(Or when should we have a baby?)  Planning on having a baby is a huge decision.  It is one that everyone takes very seriously in their lives.  For some it is “Just when it happens,” for others it is scheduled and planned more than the normal wedding. There are some …

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How To Avoid Pregnancy

There is probably no experience that can truly compare to the feeling of bringing a child into this world. Some say that the rewards are worth the time and the downsides that come along with a pregnancy. Still having a child is not a matter that should be taken lightly. …

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