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Get To Know Some Things About Testosterone Hormone

Introduction Before you even figure out what testosterone does, it is important that you know what it is. Testosterone is a male or steroid hormone that get secreted by the testes. Its primary function is to stimulate the development of the male sexual characteristics, encourages the male secondary sex characteristics’ …

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Sex after Childbirth: What to Expect after Expecting

While many doctors will tell you that the ideal time what after you deliver your child is 6-8 weeks before having sex again – this is one of the most common myths about sex after childbirth. Many women, first time mother’s especially, develop a healthy fear during their pregnancy about …

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Top Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Experiencing too many dull moments in your sex life? One of the most common complaints among women, especially those in a long-term relationship or marriage, is that after a while, it seems like the same old routine. While you wouldn’t quite say it’s bad sex, you could openly say that …

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