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Causes for Lower Left Abdominal Pain In Men

The lower left abdominal pain in men is mainly due to a range of health problems including digestion disorder caused by infection in the abdomen. Any pain which originate Causes for Lower Left Abdominal Pain In Menfrom various organs in the abdominal cavity is generally called as abdominal pain. Normally the pain found in men is because of harmless conditions like constipation or gas. There can be serious conditions like the infection in the kidney or colon cancer also. If the pain persists for a longer period, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Only if you do the necessary tests you will be able to find out whether there are any complications hiding in the body.

In most of the cases the person suffering from the abdominal pain will not be able to point out the exact origin of the pain. Pain may start due to some damage caused to a particular organ in the abdominal cavity, but the patient will think about some other organ. This is medically known as referred pain. Unless the pain is accompanied by some other symptoms, it is difficult to diagnose the root cause of the pain.

Can lower abdominal pain in men be Cancerous?

The lower left abdominal pain in men may be because of symptoms of colon cancer. Colon is a part of large intestine and is located in the lower part of the digestive system. In the case of colon cancer apart from the abdominal pain the patient will have rectal bleeding, tiredness and abdominal uneasiness. Another major cause for the lower left abdominal pain in men is the existence of kidney stones. These are small particles, hard minerals and acid salt deposit in the kidneys. The pain caused on the sides and lower abdomen can be unbearable.

The lower left abdominal pain in men is credited to kidney infection many a times. This kind of an infection usually starts with the urinary bladder and slowly shifts to the kidneys. Apart from the severe pain in the abdomen frequent urination is other symptom. Sometimes there will burning sensation also while urinating.

Check the digestive tract to diagnose the cause for lower abdominal pain

The lower left abdominal pain in men can be because of Diverticulitis as well. It is the infection caused when there is more than one diverticulitis in the digestive tract. Diverticula are small pockets which form in the different parts of the digestive system, especially in the large intestine. The inflammation leads to severe pain in the lower left side of the abdomen which is otherwise called diverticulitis. The patient usually experiences softness in the abdomen and swelling.

Lower left abdominal pain in men can be due to cystitis also. Cystitis is urinary tract disorder due to bacterial infection. It starts with inflammation first and the symptoms are severe pain in the lower abdomen, tendency to urinate frequently, burning feeling in the urinary tract and uneasiness in the pelvic region. People suffering from kidney stones or enlarged prostrate are also susceptible to infection in the urinal tract which also prompt lower left abdominal pain in men. Bladder infections are usually seen in women more than men. But men can also get these infections. Lesser dangerous conditions like food poisoning, gas or constipation can also create lower left abdominal pain in men.

Is lower abdominal pain in men a cause for worry?

As already stated lower left abdominal pain can be the result of some small problem or it can be a major problem. It is always better to consult a physician rather than take self medication.  One has to observe the pain and then give the exact report to the doctor for easy diagnosis.  The first point to be noted is the nature of the pain. The pain can be sudden and severe if there is a block in blood supply. Sometimes it can be mild but prolonged, sometimes intermittent. This has to be observed and told to the doctor.

The duration of the pain is also important. You have to know when the pain started. Sometime you tend to ignore mild pain that has been on for many days or months. The medical advice is not to ignore the pain even if it is mild. Also check out what aggravates the pain. Sometimes it can be sneezing or coughing that worsens the pain, sometimes certain kind of food cause increase the pain. Sitting for long can also heightens the pain. All these factors will have to be taken into consideration for the physician to prescribe the remedy. These days there are many tests like X- rays, scans that will clearly show the cause for the lower left abdomen pain in men and the treatment can be given accordingly.

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