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Effective Ways of Weight Loss for Women

Now that health coverage and Obama care have smoothed out, many women are trying to eat right, exercise and get their high school figures back. Get those curves back in no time, by understanding and adopting effective methods of weight loss for women. You do not have to sacrifice your favorite dishes or strictly adhere to a rigorous fitness regime and to top it all, you do not have to follow those ridiculous health tips suggested by the lifestyle & health supplement of your neighborhood newspaper. All you have to do is, understand some simple yet effective solutions listed below and make a conscious effort to follow them regularly.


Today, women lead highly complicated lives with most of us playing multiple roles of a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a working professional in our daily lives. So it’s hard for us to take some time out from our busy schedules and concentrate on our health.  But when a topic of weight loss comes up for discussion we take a deep breath not as a sigh of relief but to tuck in as much as body fat we can to look slim and fit. Weight is a topic that is dreaded by women all around the world and they spend hours in front of the mirror to ascertain if they have gained weight or lost it. Ever since the beginning of mankind, the term ‘weight loss’ has always been associated with us, the fairer sex.  I strongly believe that this term was born due to the overzealous efforts of our female ancestors to lose weight.

We women love our bodies and loathe those who have better ones. We have been automatically programmed to take good care of them and ensure we look at our best at all times.  The anatomy of female body done by that female would always yield results that it is ever so delicate and always has some shortcomings. We are very possessive about the way we look especially when it comes to weight. Regardless of the age, we do not want to be called fat or overweight at any point of time in our lives. But when we are affected by the issue of overweight we become emotionally distressed rather than taking a rational approach of figuring out effective solutions. We do not realize that being overweight is not a dreaded disease without a cure; it is caused by excessive eating or genetically and can be solved by taking some simple measures. In this article, we shall share and discuss some popular tips of weight loss for women that are recommended by nutritionists and health experts from around the globe.

Do not hit the panic button!

Yes, we women fret about gaining weight but love losing those few pounds. So, when an instance of gaining weight occurs, we begin to panic instantly and without bounds. We try out all kinds of advices, suggestions, tips, formulas and remedies made by health websites, lifestyle & health magazines, health show hosts, fitness books, fitness videos, friends, neighbors, relatives and others. We blindly follow such practices for the fear of being called ‘fat’. We should realize that our overzealous enthusiasm and efforts have only a negative impact on our body.  Our body suffers from immense stress because of our immature and emotional way of handling such a situation. In our attempt to instantly lose weight we follow strenuous work-out regimes that our body cannot handle and seek medical interventions that have negative effects on the body. We should stay calm and seek a lucid approach by visiting a nutritionist or doctor. These are professional experts who guide people towards healthy living and will suggest an effective solution for your weight problems.

Consult a doctor, don’t play one

Women find it very embarrassing to discuss their weight problems with anyone. We try to keep it safe by buying fitness books and guides, watching fitness videos, searching for information about weight loss from the internet or scorning the daily newspaper for articles on weight loss for women. We even seek remedies from our friends, neighbors or family members. Well, going about solving your weight problems in such an unorganized manner can only cause problems to your body. We should stop being a doctor and actually visit one to find an effective solution for our weight loss problems. Visit a doctor or a nutritionist or a health expert, who is qualified both in terms of education and experience to solve weight issues. These experts are professionals who deal with similar cases all throughout their career. After a through medical examination, they will be able to suggest an effective plan that will help you get back into shape.

Eat Smart, don’t starve

We generally think that avoidance of food is the best way to solve our weight problems, but we are actually only letting ourselves starve to death.  Try bringing in an alteration to your daily diet by adding food that aid weight loss and help you lead a healthy life. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the front runners when it comes to natural foods that help combat excess weight or obesity.  Grapefruits are highly recommended food for weight loss. Grapefruits help lose weight with its compounds like liminods and lycopene that also help to fight cancer. An apple a day also helps in solving weight problems as it contains pectin which prevents you from overeating by keeping you satisfied for  a long time and thus increasing the time between meals. Pumpkins contain a high percentage of fiber content which is beneficial to the human body as the help to facilitate weight management and easy digestion. Drinking green tea will help too… !!

Never ‘Exercise’!

Most of us opt out of our work-out session and fitness regimes because of our belief that such methods are tuff and cannot be done by us. Maybe the word ‘ Exercise’ make us perceive that this method will require a lot from us and as women we do not possess the stamina to handle such fitness or workout sessions. This causes a mental block that affects us from giving in a 100% for our fitness or workout sessions.  We begin to dread our daily exercises and slowly stop attending our sessions. Try avoid referring to such practices as exercise or any term that makes such methods look strenuous and painful. Bring in an fun element by inviting you friends to train a long with you, give it any name that you like. You can witness the changes happen instantly! Once you start loving your sessions, you automatically began to perform it with wholeheartedly and regularly. But if its sheer laziness that deters you from exercising regularly, then you should kick yourself as you are avoiding an effective way of weight loss for women.

Make an attempt to follow all or any of these tips of weight loss for women and see yourself go from plus size to size zero in a couple of months.

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