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Extreme Weight Loss Methods: Extreme Ways to Lose Weight

Shed those extra pounds of flesh in the most extreme and express manner with extreme weight loss methods. Lose weight at lighting speeds with extreme weight lose methods. A proper weight loss starvation-diet-never-worksprocedure is a continuous and structured process conducted for a certain period of time and the loss of weight occurs gradually. But some people just hate to wait and want to instantly lose weight. They ignore highly recommended and popular methods of fitness programs and work-out sessions for a set time period. Such people seek an accelerated effort to lose weight. It is such people who resort to extreme weight loss methods or measures in order to get back to shape. Most common reason for people to opt for such radical measures of losing weight is to achieve a certain weight on a pre-set date mainly for important occasions like weddings, dates, prom nights and much more.

Losing weight at a short notice through extreme weight loss methods comes with extreme consequences and drastic setbacks in life. Be forewarned that any attempt to practice the methods mentioned below will affect you physically and mentally in the most negative manner. Practicing such extreme weight lose methods will cause dehydration, malnutrition, fatigue, physical discomfort and can also lead to death. These methods take a toll on your life so it always better that you avoid them and be patient enough to lose weight  in a healthy manner. Extreme weight loss method makes you fit and slim in express time but it reduces your life span by miles. Regular weight loss measures take time to show results but will help you lead a long healthy life.

This article is purely for informative purposes only and does not at any point of time, in any manner suggest or recommend that you should use such methods to lose weight. In fact, this article highlights such methods to bring to your notice the drastic consequences that follow them. The article in no way should influence your decision to accept such methods. We strongly recommend the use of regular and popular methods of losing weight. Please view this article purely for informative purposes or as a good read only.


One of the extreme methods followed by models and celebrities to lose weight instantly is starvation. In such professions where beauty is your only means of survival, a model’s weight is always subject to intense scrutiny, prompting them to adopt such extreme measures. Such people have an extreme view of the term ‘Thin’ and have misused the concept of weight loss. They survive for prolonged periods without food to ensure that they lose weight fast. Their extreme but stubborn will power to forgo the basic necessity of mankind that is satisfying hunger, make them go through this turbulent time. It begins with skipping meals and slowly evolves into complete avoidance of food.

Today, the fashion world has banned such models because of ethical and health issues raised by several organizations. No designer wants to showcase their designs on a size zero model. Being slim and fit does not mean being skinny. Millions of children in Africa die prematurely due to starvation and malnutrition, then how do we applaud a skinny model whose rib cage can clearly be seen! Such measures put a question mark on our ethics, should we forgo our need to live, just to look slim and skinny? The only ramp such a model will walk on, is a ramp of death!


Another extreme method for weight loss is the use or abuse of drugs. In order to lose weight instantly, some people resort to make use of illegally altered drugs that help lose weight. Such drugs caused certain chemical reactions in the body that result in artificial or forceful burning of fat. The body is forced to shed a few pounds. Such people do not completely comprehend the drastic side effects these drugs can cause in their lives.  Extreme weight loss drugs do produce results within a couple of days since their use, but they do take an extreme toll on the human body. The use of such drugs can cause physical disability, loss of mental stability and much more. In extreme cases, several vital organs of the human body stop functioning, the complete muscular system collapses, all leading to death. Just for an instant gratification of your desire to lose weight, do you want to jeopardize your entire life by using such drugs?

Definitely not worth the risks!  If you find yourself under these circumstances, drug rehab facilities are available to give you the help and advice you deserve and seek for.

Extreme weight lose methods not only helps you to lose weight instantly but also helps you to lose your life gradually! So be sure to stay away from such methods.

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