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Helpful Choices for those Overworked & Over-Stressed Workaholics

Stress can get the best of us.

Some stress is alright (we call it ‘eustress’, which can aid us in staying attentive on the important tasks) but overall the stress we feel in the day-to-day activities wears us thin.

Stress can cause physical effects like headaches, upset stomach, and sleep problems. Mentally, stress can cause anxiety, sadness, and lead to behavioral problems (among many other affects).

As someone who is constantly stressed to the point of having bouts of anxiety, I can honestly say that anything that can help is a blessing. Removing stress from the daily activities helps keep everything on point. If you’ve found someone like this in your life then consider the following tips, which should do wonders for reducing the stress from them being overworked, and over-stressed:


1. Ambient Noise (that’s Ideal for Focus)

When the office is quite and there is much work to be done the stress begins to add up exponentially.

The quietness of the room makes it feel as if the work is extremely demanding. One such resource you may want to pass on to these type of individuals are resources and websites that create background noise, which can disrupt the repetitive thoughts that cause anxiety.

Sites like:

·  http://coffitivity.com

·  http://rainycafe.com

These sites are great ways to create this background noise which actually helps the individual stay focused on their work. The background noise is soothing. It cuts through their rapid thoughts so they can stay focused on a single task which, ultimately, will reduce their stress because they are able to complete tasks in a timely manner.

2. Holistic Relaxation (to Reset the Body & Mind)

The physical well-being of the individual will also directly impact the mental wellness. When a person feels relaxed physically their mind can attune to the tasks that matter.

For example – here are a few ways to reduce stress physically to combat mental hurdles:

  • Yoga/Slow Breathing – Yoga and the act of slow breathing may seem mythical to you but they are wonderful for keeping your mind and body in tune. The activities involved with these two will relax all aspects of your being and cut away at the stress caused from working. Once you’re done with a session, you are ready to come back fully-charged.
  • Massage/Pampering – It’s easy to be consumed by work to the point that you rarely pamper yourself. A great idea you’ll see used by big companies is to install a wellness center that offers a host of relaxation activities. Imitating these businesses, you could set up a massage table and hire masseuses and physical therapists to help with physical stress and improve relaxation. A wellness center could also just be a “chill out” room that plays soothing music and lets people disconnect from the hectic work environment.

Though they may seem out of place in the average workplace they are actually becoming quite common to those businesses that care for their employees. The mental and physical well-being of an individual can greatly improve their productivity in the workforce which is why these options are available. Even those acting as employees can take advantage of these items by seeing professionals. In all, a well-centered body and mind will keep stress to a minimum so that you may continue with your tasks without the feeling of being overburdened.

3. Virtual Assistants (for Removing the Tedium)

A large part of the stress with work comes from the fact that you are likely overburdened by your ever-expanding to-do list. Each new item added to the list adds to the stress. Before long you are now working more on your backlog than making progress.

Virtual assistants are a great way to combat a lot of the stress caused by work.

These individuals can be given tasks which ultimately add up to a great reduction in the time needed to complete your tasks so that you may focus on the bigger picture.

These items include (but not limited to):

·  Responding to emails

·  Handling customer support inquiries

·  Scheduling important meetings

·  Creating reports

·  Contacting important individuals

With virtual assistants you are only limited by our creativity.

Most of the work you do now most likely relies on your sole ability to complete the tasks. By having a virtual assistant you can free up your time and remove the stress that is caused by having to micromanage every small detail of your activities.

Not every company may allow you to use virtual assistants but the option is still there for those that have the opportunity. A reduction of one or two hours of your daily tasks can add up to dozens of extra hours to yourself (and sanity) throughout the week which makes this investment well worth the money.


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