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Privacy Policy

We at Cool Health are extremely committed to providing all visitors to our website with complete security and privacy regarding your personal information. Our Privacy Policy statement gives you full disclosure regarding how we gather and put to use any information obtained during your interactions with our website. Please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy so that you can have a thorough understanding of our information practices, and so that you can make informed decisions regarding your personal information.


Our Job is Giving You the Information You Need

Our team of writers, researchers and web developers at Cool Health is dedicated to making this website something that is really useful to everyone who visits us and interacts with www.cool-health.com. We work hard to give you accurate and interesting information concerning your personal health & fitness, including pregnancy, love & sex and other hot topics. Since our job is serving your needs, we need to know what you need.


We Gather Information that Helps Us do Our Job

  • Information on Visitors to our Site:

The webmaster of any site uses basic information collected on a web server log to compile statistics about traffic on the website. The web server logs in the IP address and the time you visit each page. This kind of knowledge helps us evaluate our own performance.  Gathering information on who visits our website and when and how long they visit helps us know if we are performing our job effectively.

  • Information on Customers who make Purchases on our Site:

All personal information that is collected during any financial transaction is used strictly for processing that specific transaction and is never shared with any third party except as needed to process the transaction, or unless the law requires such disclosure. If customers on our website establish an account their credit card information is not retained on record and will have to be entered any time a financial transaction is initiated.

  • Information gathered from Voluntary Visitor Surveys

From time to time we conduct surveys among visitors to our website so we can collect information that enables us to improve our services. We encourage participation in these surveys and ask you to provide us with true and accurate responses to all survey questions so that we can determine how to improve the quality of our services and to develop new and better services and products for you. All personal information obtained and responses to survey questions provided by individuals will remain confidential and all surveys are strictly voluntary.

  • Information Obtained From Email Communications

Visitors to Cool Health may send emails containing personal information to our administrators with specific questions or requests. Personal information obtained from these email communications is used solely to respond to these emails with accuracy and is not shared with third parties.


How We Use Your Information

Responses to survey questions, transaction information and web server logs provide us with vital statistical information regarding the performance of our website. We take such individual information and combine it together with that of other visitors to www.cool-health.com to compile aggregated statistics and demographic information such as age and gender, education and employment, and other generalizations such as hobbies or other interests of our website visitors. Reporting tools such as Google Analytics collect information anonymously and report website trends. This type of general, non-identifying information may occasionally be shared with third parties. However, personal, identifying information is strictly confidential.


Special Exceptions to Third Party Information-Sharing

It is our policy at Cool Health to never share the personal information of our website visitors in ways not already described without offering you the opportunity to opt out or prohibit such disclosure. However, Cool Health has established certain exceptions in which we may disclose information about either visitors or vendors on our site if we believe that our reasons for such information disclosure are necessary and in the best interest of our website and its users. These exceptions include the following:

  • To satisfy legal requests for information and laws such as the Electronic Communication Privacy Act.
  • To identify and bring legal action against violators of our Terms of Access.
  • To properly provide our services and operate our website.
  • To protect visitors and customers of Cool Health.


The Use of “Cookies”

Many websites place a small, temporary data file on your computer’s hard drive when you visit the site, and use the data file, or “cookie” to keep track of things like your shopping cart purchases as you go from page to page on the site. When you close your browser the cookie is also closed. More long term cookies can be set up when you establish an account to remember your log-in information so you can be automatically logged in when you return to the website.


Cookies are a convenience factor that can be either accepted or denied by you. You can choose not to accept cookies on your computer in general, and you can choose not to click the “Remember me” cookies for establishing accounts.


Cookies and Advertisements

The ability to access information for free on our website and on the internet in general is enabled by advertising revenue. Third-party advertising companies such as Google pay websites like Cool Health to allow them to post advertisements for goods and services on our pages. In order for advertisers to determine which ads will best suit your needs and interests, they use DART cookies to track your interests and match them with related ads. Advertising cookies track the topics you search and the web pages you visit so that you are not inundated with random advertisements but rather are given selective advertisements that may be of some actual use to you in your everyday life.If you don’t want to have this DART cookie on your computer, you can opt out .

Anyone can choose to opt out of cookies at any time by visiting Google’s Ads Preferences Manager. You can also learn more about online behavioral advertising and interest-based advertising by visiting www.aboutads.info. However, you may appreciate the customized advertising that evolves from the use of advertising cookies and choose to continue accepting cookies.

Cool Health Commitment to Privacy Protection and Data Security

We are pledged to provide every possible security measure in the protection of your personal information and your privacy. We do reserve the right to make amendments to our privacy policy as necessary, but will never compromise our commitment to security.


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