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Top Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Experiencing too many dull moments in your sex life? One of the most common complaints among women, especially those in a long-term relationship or marriage, is that after a while, it seems like the same old routine. While you wouldn’t quite say it’s bad sex, you could openly say that it could use some spicing up a bit! Lucky for you there are plenty of ways that you could try and thousands of resources to find new ones! For starters, magazines like the infamous Cosmo (Cosmopolitan) have an unmatchable reputation for giving ladies the inside scoop and detailed secrets on how to keep your sex and relationship life as steamy as your shower! Found on any local supermarket shelf, it may be a great way to keep yourself in the loop!

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Top 3 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

1.       Know Your Partner – After all this time you should know exactly what makes your partner tingle all over. Recapture that passion by showing them just how well you really do know them – and their body! Don’t be afraid to incorporate things in your attempts like fruits, music, candles and of course, a good massage will never hurt!

2.       Learn Some New Skills – With all of the online and print resources available on the market, you have no excuse to learn a new thing or two! Karma Sutra books and related material are always beneficial to those willing to take their sex life to new levels. However, sometimes all it takes is a simple tweak of a position or two that can jumpstart that passion right back into your sex life. Getting some ideas from picture books or mobile apps can’t hurt anyone!

3.       Let Your Mind Go! – So many times we can’t help but to take our day to day subconscious lives into the bedroom with us. While we usually won’ notice while it’s happening, we allow all of the things weighing heavy on our minds to block our “in the moment” senses – allowing you to appreciate the time, closeness and intimacy of just being with your partner!

Resources to Enhance Your Sex Life

While many women may be too shy to visit the local sex shop for new ideas and toys to experiment with, these types of establishments have tons of great things to offer – depending on your preference. However, with the advancements in technology and evolution of sexuality – sex shops are now far from the only resource you can utilize to enhance your sex life. There are tons of print resources such as karma sutra books, tantric studies and materials or website that give you images and step-by-step guides to positions – all available right at your fingertips. The power of bloggers have created a wealth of opportunity and material to read through to satisfy some questions and curiosities before testing it out in the bedroom!

Work as a Couple to Enhance Your Sex Life

It takes two to accomplish the task of enhancing your sex life, for obvious reasons, it is just not something that can be done alone! Many couples prefer to work together to find different ways to spice up their sex life such as tantric groups or couples sex therapy. While these opportunities are much less advertised than the traditional sex shop – many websites and online directory boards will showcase some resources you may find useful. Some couples like to experiment with classes that are usually held in private and intimate settings that focus on various techniques and preference. This makes it quite easy to find various ways to rekindle that passion for the future.

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Here are some simple ways that you can add some spice into your sex life without going too far out of your comfort zone. Many people, women especially, would much rather use subtle ways to enhance their sex life effectively.

  • Add some sexy and revealing wardrobe to your bedroom attitude. Make sure you utilize lingerie that compliments your body type and accents your best features – but most importantly, something that looks better on the floor!
  • Utilize a fun trip to the kitchen – there are plenty of delicious items right in your very kitchen that help enhance the adventure in the bedroom. Fruits, syrups and ice cream are always a great place to start – an ice cube can work wonders at the very least!
  • It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it! Brushing up on your sweet nothings will work wonders for anticipation!

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