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When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant

(Or when should we have a baby?)

 Planning on having a baby is a huge decision.  It is one that everyone takes very seriously in their lives.  For some it is “Just when it happens,” for others it is scheduled and planned more than the normal wedding.

There are some factors that make planning important:

  • Finances – can we afford a child?
  • Age – are we too old to raise a child happily?
  • Mother’s health – do I have issues that could cause problems or stress to the child?
  • House/Home – is our home big enough for a baby?

Each of these factors is necessary to be considered. However, neither of them is easy to make.  It is one of the largest decisions that you will make in life. Therefore, look over all aspects is important.

When is the best time to get pregnant

Timing of your baby also carries some factors as well:

  • Is there a month that is better than others to get pregnant?
  • Is there a better age of the mother for her to be pregnant?
  • What is the best time that is easiest for the mother to conceive?

Some of the above decisions can be grouped together and others can stand-alone.

Can we afford a baby?

One thing that every new perspective parent wants to know is if they can afford a baby or not.  Financial planning is the biggest and best key to this for many newlyweds.  Some of the things to consider while planning a child are knowledge of requirements of a baby in each stage of his growth:

  • Newborn- diapers, clothes, formula
  • Toddler to preschool-clothes, food, babysitters
  • School age-school clothes, sports, books, instruments
  • Graduate-college, housing, books

During the planning stages you will have to consider the costs of each stage of your baby’s growth.  Each stage comes with separate costs, however as the items change, the costs each year still accumulate.  According to Wikipedia.org, the yearly cost varies from $7,760.00 to $24,510.00 depending on the parent’s income.

Once they graduate High School, and then come the expense of College.  It is estimated that it can cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars at least to send a child through a four year college.  Much of this cost can be prepared during the child’s life through college savings programs.  It is recommend that each parent should look into the different types of savings plans and try to start one during the planning stages. It is better to start saving a few dollars during conception planning stages; to be sure, you have enough when the time comes.  Also, some of the college savings plans can be used as an emergency fund as well.

Are we too old to have our first baby?

Parents age and mothers health go hand in hand as to when is the “perfect time” to have a baby.  Many people in today’s world are waiting until later in life to have a child.  There is variety of reasons from wanting to “live life” before becoming a parent, to wanting to be sure they can afford the child throughout its life.  The doctor recommended “perfect age” as stated by Dr. Carol Winkelman is for the mother to be younger than 30.  The mother’s health is the biggest factor as to what is the perfect age for becoming a parent for the first time.  More women today continue to have better health later in life, so it is not unusual for a woman in their late 30’s to have an easy and healthy pregnancy.  The main concern is that the mother listens to her own body and tells the doctor anything she may think abnormal and have all recommended tests taken.  If the mother’s health is good, she may want to ask about her mom’s health and any issues of pregnancy she had.  Sometimes conditions that arise during pregnancy are hereditary.

Where will we put our baby?

One reason many parents are waiting to become parents is they want the perfect house for their new family addition.  Buying a house is a great expense, one that takes a lot of thought and consideration.  People who are planning on expanding their family should consider how that baby will fit in their house.  Does it contain many obstacles which will need fixing or remodeling before the baby starts to walk?  Is it an older home which may contain lead paint or asbestos insulation?  All of these things should be considered before purchase so you have a clear idea of the expense of fixing these items before your new one arrives.  Also are the issues of the surroundings.  Can the child safely play in the yard, playground?  If you are planning your family around the purchase of the house, how many children do you plan to have depends on the size of the house you need to be looking at.  One thing to remember is a child can fit into any house as long as it has a room and is a home.

When should we try our hardest to conceive?

After all the planning, moving, painting, rearranging is done, now you need to look at when is the best due date and what time of the month is the easiest to conceive.  Conception time depends upon the woman monthly cycle.  If it is regular it is much easier to get pregnant than a woman who is irregular.  However, as according to medical science, it is usually 14 days before the beginning of her period.

Comfortable season to conceive:

Now you must think of when you want your baby to be born. It mainly depends on the mother. If you deliver during the fall season then you have to face a very hot summer while being hot naturally.  If you deliver in the winter then the new mom and baby may have to stay inside many days, depending on if you have cold winters.  If you get pregnant in the fall or early winter, delivery will be in the spring or early summer.  These are going to be the most comfortable season for the mom and the new baby will be able to enjoy the wonderful and healthy outdoors.

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